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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Life, Revisions & Agent Blogs (IWSG)

 Alex J. Cavanaugh's Blog HopHiya folks! Happy March to y'all. Last month I spoke about how miserable things were. Friends - they stayed so freaking miserable. I say "Happy March" because in com
parison February it would have to be happy or it would have broken the internet. Or something... apparently that happens a lot. (The dress is white and gold O.O and so was the llama! o.O O.o).

I didn't really get anything resolved until last week. It took a lot of prayer, and getting over some SERIOUS nerves to handle the situation. Except that it was the reasonable response for any adult - I sort of feel like I should get a medal :p Anyway, now that I'm no longer vacillating between the pits of despair and the rage of the machine - now I reside in a fluffy cloud of meditation and reason - I'm peeking into my writing.

I sort of got royally stuck on a scene. I'm not sure what to do with it. I almost want to get rid of it - except it's not really one of those scenes you can get rid of. :/ But when I find myself in places like this I always wonder - if I don't want to write it (or in this case revise it).... then wouldn't that mean that no one would want to read it? I think that once I start working on it again, I will get back in the swing and get interested - but what I'm hoping for is some advice. I asked last month and got some good responses - but I want more! More! More I say!

What are your best revision tips? What are your favorite things about revision? What helps you revise to a pretty polish? 

While, I haven't been working on my book a ton this month - I have still kept in on the writing world. My favorite way to do that is to read agent blogs. Right now there are a few that I follow - but my absolute favorite is Janet Reid. I like her voice and her personality. I also love her commenters. There's gold in them their thoughts. If you aren't already reading some agent blogs I recommend you take advantage :)

May your March month be a happy month!


Happy March to you too! I'm fairly new to IWSG but this is my second IWSG Day bloghop. I don't know how I can be of much help but to get myself unstuck in a scene or vamp it up, I like to use The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman & Becca Publisi. Often times, the troublesome scene starts to sparkle. Anyways, good luck with that scene(s).
I need to book mark this and soak up the advice. Editing is my most insecure part of the writing process. I never know if I am doing it right. I agree with Lidy, all the books by Ackerman & Publisi are amazing. I alway have it next to me when I edit.
I got stuck once. More precisely, I got royally stubborn. I was instructed to reduce the word count. That would require elimination of some sacred stuff. Not possible, I decided. And then, one day while doing something mundane like folding laundry, I received an inspiration. "Can't do that," I admonished myself. "That would require revising half of the manuscript." And yet, that dang muse nagged until I saw the possibility that the change would heat up the antagonist's fire. I sat down and began the revision. I was not looking forward to the rewrite, but what a difference it made. And, it reduced the word could to be well within the publisher's requirements. It's good to be stubborn sometimes. It's also wise to keep an open mind. Good luck. Blessings.
When I get stuck in my revisions or writing I take a long walk. Now that it seems winter will never end I lay down for a good 15 minute meditation and then a pilates session. Definitely helps!
Hope March is happy for you!
I always get a second opinion if I need help with something. Even if you don't do what that person suggests, their thoughts might prompt you to find your own answer.
Happy March!

If I'm stuck, I talk things out with my sis-in-law (though I don't think that'd work for you). It's usually good to find someone who is opinionated (even if they don't like your writing, as it is with my sis-in-law), and likes your genre. You might not use their suggestions (like with a critique partner), but it might lead you to your own solution (like what Alex said above me). From there, I just take it a scene at a time.

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