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Work in Progress

I've never been good at titles. Luckily,  right now all I need is a "working title" so that I don't refer to my work as "my book". I've had past WIPs. Back in junior high and highschool I'd work on several projects at a time. I finished a YA SciFi, that will never see the light of day. Since then, I've committed myself to fantasy. I hope to open up a world akin to Anne McCaffrey's Pern and Terry Brooks 'Shannara' world. These are the books that I hope will launch this world to the public:

Unbanded - (Pt 1)
In Revisions

A story of redemption, this is the first of a trilogy about Emerick, a crime-lord reluctantly turned holy man.  Following a divinely influenced suicide, Emerick meets the Almighty, whom he decides is nothing more than a charlatan and lunatic. "Al," as Emerick dubs him, sets him on a journey to save the world that our anti-hero previously spent his life exploiting. Joined by an angsty, teenage prophet named Curiel, Emerick will slowly lose his fight against Al, and enter a world of miracle making, "magic" wielding, and redemption gaining.

Disbanded (Pt 2)
About 2/3 of the way finished

Rebanded (Pt 2)
Merely a haze of notes and ideas and fuzzy outlines. 

Awaiting Demolition

This book deserves an honorable mention. This is the Precious. This is the book that I decided would be the first. The success. The start. It was in process for several years without going anywhere. Last year, I finally got my rear in gear and kicked some trash. It was about 75% done last winter when I had this sickening discovery. I think it was divine intervention, actually, but it was still terrible. I had to write my "prequel", before this book could take off. My prequel (Unbanded) had to turn into 'book one'. It was the right move. I still love elements from this book, but my vision, my intention, my goals, my everything-related-to-writing, has clarified and solidified, and it does not include Banded as is. Once done with Unbanded 1-2, I will revisit Banded to do some much needed tearing down and rebuilding, but for now, it sleeps, mostly in peace, til it's time to come around again.


Waiting, waiting, WAITING...not impatient at all am I? ;)

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