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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Monthly Visit (IWSG)

Well, friends, I am sad to say that not much has changed since last month. Work is still kicking my butt and writing has been taking a back seat. It's always embarrassing when the first Wednesday of the month rolls around and I realize that I haven't managed to pump out a single blog and my book progress is atrocious. That being said, work really has been kicking my butt. Oh yeah, and the Wombat has been suffering through a mid-life crisis at the unripe age of 25, and frankly, it's taken a toll. That being said, I am hopeful to say that we are on the upswing, and as is my nature - when I am on the upswing I like to up the ante. Anti? Antee? Ante... We'll go with that.

Goal time. We will be having the good fortune of being able to fly back home to our Portland roots in the upcoming, and will be seeing some of our awesome fam. This got me thinking, "Wow, when people ask me how my book is going (cause at least one will probably ask), what do I want to be able to say?" That got me ruminating. I thought, "Maybe if I can say I am halfway, I'll feel like I am sharing good news!" So I made that goal. However, I then realized that I was pretty close to that point and if that's all I required of myself between now and then, I would be making it nigh-on impossible to achieve my extraordinarily vague long term goal.
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So I coaxed out the Wombat and we got to work - which typically means he listens like the Saint that he is while I ramble off ideas and reasons and ho and hum for exorbitant lengths of time. Eventually, Saint Wombat and I emerged triumphant and walking right alongside us was Mr. Insecurity.

You see, I am pretty careful to only make goals that are achievable. After all goal's need to be "S.M.A.R.T." - and A stands for Achievable... but... I am at that uncomfortable desperate point in which my greatest motivation to complete my book in the allotted time is that I can't bare for it to take longer than that!

So me and Mr. Insecurity have become unfriendly friends of late. However. If I believe that sometimes, under extreme circumstances you need to fire a friend. Don't give him any advance warning- but I think Mr. Insecurity is gonna be next on the incendiary list.

So here's to new goals! Here's to June 13th! June 13th - the day in which I celebrate the birth of my very best friend Saint Wombat and - if when everything goes right - the day that he celebrates finally getting to finish reading the story that he's had to wait years to get to.