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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What the hay!?!?! (IWSG)

Alex J. Cavanaugh's Blog Hop

Holy cow pie. It's already been a month? I wish that I could say that I had something unique to share - but I am in the exact same spot as I was last month. I have been so busy at my job that I have been struggling to get the writing in. I have fudged in a line or two between patients - oh!oh! and the Wombat and I went to dinner and worked on clarifying one of my characters! That was fantastic! But wow... I feel like I'm sleeping, working, working, trying to keep my home in slight form of order, working... Yeah... You'd think I was making bank with all this working, but... between the car starting to cause some problems and taxes impending... I can't even nix the time prepping food by subsisting on restaurant pho instead. I have a slight glimmer of hope that work is about to level out a little... but I think I still have to figure out a better system - or finally ask if our little clinic is ready to give it's most valuable (meaning 'only') employee a raise :p 
Well- I have many reasons to motivate me - but even if it just means I will have a new topic for next months IWSG - I hereby make a goal to change SOMETHING for the better.

Happy writing out there!