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Duckie & Wombat
D.V. Sheppard in a Nutshell

I suppose the first thing you'll want to know is who the steamy hunk is in the pictures. That's Wombat my extremely handsome husband that I don't think I should tell you about. He is that irresistible. I shant tempt you further. You can't convince me otherwise. You shall just have to glean what you can from mentions of his awesomeness in other posts.

He and I spent the majority of our years in Oregon. We've gained plenty of hippy blood through the association and the absorption of the copious amounts of hippy laden water that pours from the Oregon skies. We loved the beauty of Oregon, but the weather took its toll on Wombat, and the Lord seemed intent that we leave Eden for it's less verdant (and honestly, way less weird, despite their claim on the "Keep Austin Weird" slogan) cousin- Austin. This funky knew city has gained a little piece of our hearts right next to the "Portlandia" parking spot.
Duckie and Wombat
Due to years of health struggles, and my new position as assistant to our holistic chiropractic doctor, the Wombat and I are a wee bit health nuts. We love it. We feel better than we ever have, and love the philosophy of the body, of health, and of wellness.

When not working, the Wombat and I have taught dance (swing, ballroom, modern), played lots of MineCraft and Halo, played our fair share of board games, actively loved good food, talked video game industry shop, and of course, worked on my book

Yup, Wombat is my sounding board, and he's very good at it. I write mainly epic fantasy, though I've dabbled in other genres in the past. I am currently revising the first of my debut trilogy.


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