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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stay tuned!......? (IWSG)

I was about to write "about a month ago" - but the truth is - I have lost most of my sense of time the past... however long.... Let's try again.

 Alex J. Cavanaugh's Blog Hop

It has been my intention to start blogging more. I wrote a post once about why I struggled with this - the gist of which was that I didn't know what to write about. Then one day I sat pondering about what kind of posts I like to read and which one's I don't. For instance - everyone has been engaging in the A-Z Challenge, and I found that my absolute favorite blogger this time around was Lexa Cain. She posted about haunted places. It was awesome. I was totally engaged and excited to read about the different places. It had to have been quite and endeavor and I was impressed. However, even as I thought that I might have found something I'd enjoy writing about - basically, micro-history posts - I realized that in my current place in life, doing such posts frequently would become overwhelming for me. It would have to be a once a month thing. So I tucked that idea into my bag and kept thinking.

I recently stumbled upon a blog (briefly, and I can't remember the name of it) on which the writer was recording her journey out of debt. It was intriguing, and personal and I liked that. However, it felt a little too personal for my telling and I couldn't think of anything in my life that I wanted to share with the world that way. It got me thinking however, of the idea of learning from others experience. I have recently had a strong desire to change my schedule and start waking up early. I looked at the hours I spend doing things and decided that if I became that morning person that I longed to be, that I would be able to accomplish just a bit more each day. I decided I would begin a Morning Experiment. It was something that I could tie into writing and was feeling passionate about - so I tucked that idea into my bag and kept thinking.

You see, I felt that I could be pretty impersonal on the web. I have a lot of good reasons why... I mean... the only reason you really need is: It's the internet. But, my absolute favorite blog to read - which I never miss a post on - is that of Patrick Rothfuss. He has such a captivating voice, I like reading it even when the content is only so-so. He manages to share just enough of himself, without exposing his life to everyone. This finally convinced me that I need to talk about SOMETHING I was passionate about. I am passionate about writing - but, I don't have much to say about it. I'm passionate about my job, but that's not for me to share (as per HIPAA :). I'm passionate about the Wombat, but no one wants to read post after mushy post about someone else's lovey-kins. So I thought, and thought, and wondered if maybe I had a NeuroEmotional Complex (NEC) about it. Then I smiled, because that was something else that I was passionate about. You see, I'm not a practitioner - and I am not trained in the NeuroEmotional Technique, but after watching it done and having it done on me for years, I have learned how to do it, and the Wombat and I will use the technique on each other when we feel the need. Some of the biggest writing hurtles I have ever had were overcome because of this technique. So I decided that the personal piece would be an occasional Wed-NET-day post, in which I would share my experience clearing a trapped emotion and what happened because of it. 

So I began tucking this idea into the bag, but now the bag was kind of full. I looked in there at the shiny new ideas in there and I began to feel insecure. Who was I kidding? I can barely manage one post a month with IWSG!... but... I suppose I could do some NET about blogging... it may prove helpful and then I could write about that to get started... and if I got up earlier, I may have those few extra minutes to throw a post together... and daggnabbit I need to find sometime to do some research and enjoy learning, lest I become a complete workaholic. Maybe I can do it after.... so..... stay tuned.....?


I loved Lexa's haunted places posts.

Those people with niches do have it easier than those of us who just have personal blogs. Most of the time, I have no freaking clue what to post. A to Z saved me for April. But the rest of the time? *shrug*

Honestly, I think some wombat stories would be awesome.
Yes. Coming up with ideas for blog posts can be troublesome sometimes. I guess that's why I write mine off the cuff. If I had to plan them, I'd go insane. However, I do keep to a schedule of when I post.

Hugs and chocolate!
I struggle with content too. I'll write a post and think, no one is going to give a crap about that! But, if I listened to myself too much, I'd never write another post ever again, lol! I think having a variety of themes is great because you can pick one out of the bag as you get inspired. In any event, I hope to see more posts from you and I'd also be interested in reading more about NET. :)
Lexa's posts were wonderful for A to Z! I enjoyed them a lot.

One thing I do, that you could try, is writing a bunch of blog posts at once. Devote a day to writing blog posts, and you'll end up with at least five or more. Once you have these posts written, you can schedule one to go up a week, so now you have one post for 5+ weeks. I do this all the time. It really helps me.

Good luck with your blogging! :)

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