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Monday, December 9, 2013

Blogger May Be

I have never deluded myself into thinking that I am much in the way of a blogger. I like the concept, but honestly, every time I think of writing a blog the same questions pops into my mind: "If you feel like writing - then why don't you go work on your book instead?"

The other thing I run into is the fact that... well a lot of the things that I would talk about on my blog... well... I can't talk about. I'm a chiropractic assistant. I would talk about work - and let me tell you, because of the neuro-emotional technique, I know quite a doozy about a lot of people  - but frankly I don't like messing with HIPAA. There are plenty of safe things to say - like, "we had a guy who hadn't heard out of his right ear for 40-some odd years because of a fall as a kid get his hearing back thanks to our quantum neurology training! (true, and might I add 'awesome!', story) - but I'm so accustomed to keeping people's private information private that it just doesn't come easy in any way to share anything - about others or myself. 

Aside from that - I like to cook - but I don't like to take pictures of food... I like to eat it... no real patience for the picture thing. Who wants a recipe without a picture? Not me, that's for sure. No picture - no eatin'. 

This leaves my writing to talk about - but frankly I am afraid to dish the goods. It's my baby. I have written plenty of junk that won't see the light of day. The stuff that I am nurturing to bloom into the sunshine -well I don't want to share it prematurely. A heavy frost could kill it! It's been a long time since I trusted that a frost wouldn't hit. However, recently, after doing some N.E.T. with Wombat I pondered on what I was like as a teen writer. I wrote with abandon. Several books a once. And the joy was in the sharing!

Life's a little busier and tends to fill my head up more than life did back then - but I've gotta be able to do better than I am currently. In an effort to throw off some of my shackles - my goal is to get a new WIP page going within the next month. More info, more sharing. We'll see how it goes.

This'll sound ridiculous after that big blah-blah up there but I do have something to share (Blah-blah-blah is always sung in my head- see video). If you aren't currently a follow of Patrick Rothfuss's blog - than you are in dire need of some news. 

This years WorldBuilders fundraiser is up and running! Take a look at the swag that's going into the lottery and go buy some people some goats! (It makes sense if you check out the sites.)
Wombat and I have a Christmas tradition started to donate to WorldBuilders every year and this year will be no different. Go! Go! Join the fun! Click the image!



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