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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For Why?

My laptop cord died. My laptop battery has been dead for awhile. This is serious news. Why? I obviously have access to a computer, and as I've not handwritten a manuscript in years, I can certainly continue the work I've deemed important. Well... I've lost my security blanket. It's not a REAL blanket, silly. My laptop has all my book info on it! All of it! I usually give myself a very brief run through before I start writing to prevent wasted time on work that is at its very conception useless due to a deviation on the current  course. Silly, yes, but it makes me feel insecure without it (and its not even the first Wednesday of the month!).

What's more- this shouldn't have happened. My Husby is a brilliant man and quite awhile back started preventing me from losing my most precious material possession, by backing up my WIP, and putting it on a drive of sorts so that it would never be stuck on a hard drive to be eaten in said hard drive's imminent demise. I speak from experience *sheds one tear for lost work*. My Husby is a superhero of sorts. Well it turns out that his arch nemesis is actual a hidden sabotaging streak that I was unaware dwelt within ME.

I thought my actions were harmless! I was just looking for a new writing program! My Husby even supplied it. I normally use Liquid Story Binder. Better than word, but definitely flawed. He brought Scrivener to my attention and I decided that I'd try the 30-day trial. I brought in all my writing, and started using the product. Incidentally, it was proving to be pretty awesome, and I was sneaking peaks at our bank account wondering if I could prudently drop the $40ish to buy it. I wrote and wrote, and then my computer died and died, and I didn't have a back up of what I'd written. After all - I figured I'd try the trial and then export my work to safety. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I wonder if I looked closer at the cord  if I'd find my own bite marks. That would add an additional "Dumb" to the lineup.

I haven't really lost anything but time (though that's an expensive thing). I'll get a new laptop cord and I'll get into my Scrivener and back up my work. It won't happen again. I just had to give myself four paragraphs of facing the truth of the event. Now I'll open up a Word document (*sigh*), and try to write.

Anyone use any writing programs to help with organization an' all that jazz?


So sorry about the time sink with the power cord going out on you. Hope you are able to recover your work soon because I agree, time is precious. I unfortunately am clueless when it comes to writing programs. I use word and bits of scrap paper laying all over the house. My "jazz" is a mess that it's a small miracle I can get any writing done at all. Wish I could be better help, but hang in there, you'll get things back in order soon. (:
Elsie, you should totally check out Scrivener. If I wrote, I'd use it. :)

Here's a good intro video to it.
Thanks, Elise, I finally got the cord ordered :p Just took a blog post to get me moving. Oh, and I've so been there with the word and scrap paper deal :) I have mounds of disorganized notebooks and binders from past projects.
Thanks for the advice guys and video. I'll definitely take the time to look into it. And hopefully by now you've received the power cord and are typing away!! (:

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